6 places to find good stuff on the internet

Procrastinating? Yeah, me too. Here’s a list of six little corners of the internet where I can happily spend a happy half hour pootling around instead of working seeking inspiration…



1. Voices of East Anglia


Come and meet the curators of vintage and retro pop culture over at Voices of East Anglia, and peruse their collections of retro advertising, books, vinyl, art and architecture. I love everything. If this is East Anglia, I’m moving in.

Sample post: 1967 Ban the Bomb march


2. The Long Reads blog


long reads

The people at Long Reads pull together links to loads of interesting, well-written, in-depth articles. I always find at least one story that draws me in, introduces me to new writers and themes and publications, and makes me forget all about whatever it was I was supposed to be doing.

Sample post: 5 stories about friendship


3. Eat This Poem

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset







“A travel resource for bookworms who like to eat”… Dude, you had me at resource. With great literary city guides and gorgeous photography, this site by Nicole Gulotta is a feast for the eyes, and a good reminder that it is possible to love lots of things at once. Not that I needed reminding. But still.

Sample post: It bears repeating (it’s about coconuts AND poetry – what could be better?)


4. Retro Pottery

Kiln Kraft Bachus Plate

Stumbled across this one by accident when I was trying to find out more about a tea set I’d found in a  charity shop. Heaps of useful stuff and good pictures.

Repeat after me: I will NOT start collecting retro pottery. I will NOT start collecting retro pottery. (Um, it may already be too late.)

Sample post: Kiln Craft Bacchus, Staffordshire Potteries 1972



5. AnOther Magazine


Of all the glossies, AnOther Magazine is the one I turn to most happily. I hoover up their columns on fashion, film, art and culture, and like the mix of luxe vs gritty, new vs retro, things I know about vs things I’ve never heard of. I’m a fan of their whole site, especially the AnOther Loves bit.

Sample post: Genius ways to display your TV 





6. Get Some Vintage a-Peel









I could (and, er, actually just did) spend ages scrolling through the excellent 1960s and 70s fashion pictures on this blog, compiled by 20th-century wardrobe expert Liz Eggleston, aka Emma Peel-pants.

Sample post: Inspirational pedal pushers 


7. Turntable Kitchen

Petite Meller photographed by Natalie Neal http://natalie-neal.com

It’s simple: music and food, food and music. Turntable Kitchen is a San Francisco site that pairs recipes and songs with tasty results, and I always end up learning lots about both.

Sample post: Single serving: Baby Love, by Petite Meller 





8. Spitalfields Life, by the Gentle Author




Updated every day since 2009 with beautiful words and pictures all about London, this is hugely popular and deservedly so. It’s just lovely.

Sample post: A walk down the Mile End Road


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